Rob Nelson

picture of Rob Nelson


I have generally been writing music and recording songs since 1988. Although I wrote some songs from 1982-1987 - I’ve lost all those recordings and forgotten them. In 2002 I started producing music under the name ‘Kern Ramble’

The Recordings

I’ve cataloged all the songs I do have recorded here on this site, regardless of the recording quality. Some of them were recording on old Tascam 4-tracks, but I’ve long since lost the original tapes. So they are degraded mixes, but all I have

From 1992 to 2007 I wrote a lot of music for a band called Walter Klang

The Albums

I tend to write songs in groups or “albums” (as opposed to individual songs). Sometimes I re-record these several times, thinking of them as compositions. I detail the history of these in the albums section. I also have an idea I’ve expanded on in several albums I call a “narrative song-cycle”. The basic idea being the album has an underlying story